French family group of roasting houses and coffee companies

Ricardo embodies the spirit of an independent French family group. Its ambition is to develop the French art of coffee. To achieve this ambition, Ricardo brings together, around a unique entrepreneurial project, a community of roasting houses and coffee companies with strong identities.

Ricardo mobilises its houses around shared values and allows each of them to express the originality of its project by ensuring that it is associated with a responsible approach.

The women and men who make up the Ricardo mosaic nurture this vision and preserve the heritage of precious know-how. Their combined talents also create and shape those of tomorrow.

A unique model based on 4 pillars:

A unique model
based on 4 pillars:

The French art of coffee

Our companies provide concrete and daily support so that the Café moments last and become an art of living both in the bistro and at home

Responsible entrepreneurship

Our companies are committed to improving their practices, to doing so over the long term with strong objectives and to building a societal responsibility approach that includes their ecosystem

Know-how and transmission

  • Our companies share complementary know-how and a taste for innovation; they ensure the generational transmission of our coffee professions and create those of tomorrow

The dynamics and development of territories

  • Our companies are located in the heart of the different regions of France. Attentive to their role as socio-economic players, they are committed to supporting the dynamics and initiatives of their territories

The Ricardo Group's values: 

The entrepreneurial spirit

We mobilise our skills to satisfy our customers, innovate and take on new challenges while preserving know-how. The companies that make up Ricardo know how to work together to create synergies.


We build strong and lasting relationships with our employees, customers, coffee producers and suppliers. Being close to our stakeholders is cultivated every day.

Trust and passion

We listen to make and give confidence, we live our coffee business with passion and aim for excellence.

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